WIRE CLOTH  for facades

FratelliMarianiwire cloth for facadesis used as external cladding of buildingshaving different destinations:

  • urban
  • business
  • residential

Contrary to what one might think, wire cloth for facades is an increasingly frequent choice also in residential architecture, in addition to commercial building industry.

The facades made with wire cloth cover the buildings as second skin,while the functions of this external layer are more aesthetic and decorative than practical.

In fact, wire cloth is a perfect way tocustomize any facade or surface, evenbroad-sized, both vertical and horizontal, with various applications and aesthetic results. Learn more about the different types of facades.

Types and shapes of facades made with wire mesh

Wire mesh coversdifferent types offacades, including:

  • curtain walls
  • ventilated facades

and facades having various shapes, like:

  • planar facades
  • curvilinear facades
  • multifaceted facades

In the curtain wallthe wire mesh creates a continuous light envelope. Its use fulfills all the normal functions of an external wall, which carries no load other than its own weight and the wind load. The materials used for this purpose are mostly aluminum and stainless steel.

The ventilated facade is different both in appearance and function. This type of facade looks like a perimetral wall. Outside, a thermal insulation layer of a certain thickness is applied, furthered byan air cavityfor natural circulation, resulting from convective motion produced by the presence of openings arranged at the base and at the top of the façade, and a layer of external coating.

The latter is framed by metal cloth, which does not adhere to the curtain wall, but isdistancedto form the cavity.

Beyond the functions of the facades, the arrangement of the wire mesh can create a plain rectangular or moulded shape, spreading out vertical or horizontal configurationsfor planar facades.

Wire mesh can also follow the sinuous flowof both concave and convex curvilinear facades. Finally, the design discloses its expression inthree-dimensionality with the winding or multifaceted development of many-sided and unevenfacades.

Wire cloth: advantages of using on the facade

The wire cloth has a number of benefits that make the choice of this product highly appreciated by architectural and design studios.

First of all, the great versatility of the wire clothis an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creativity of architects and designers. To provide innovative design solutions, these professionals are constantly looking for new ideas, different materials and unprecedented technological innovations.

The wire cloth lends itself to experimentation and allows to obtain a whole series of benefits such as:

  • possibility of installation on new or existing buildings
  • good light shielding even in the presence of a transparent coating, with a thermal load decrease inside the property
  • goodprotection of the underlying facade from atmosphericprecipitation
  • absence of maintenance, due to self-cleaning action of the natural rain and wind cycles
  • very particular, dynamic and suggestive effects, thanks to the alternation of light and shadow, sun and rain, day and night
  • unlimited duration over time, resistance and total recyclability.

Discover all types of FratelliMariani metal cloth for facades and contact us for a dedicated advice. Together we will find the right product for your architectural project.