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The architecture of the future and industry according to Luca Zanetti, CEO of Fratelli Mariani

We interviewed Luca Zanetti, CEO of Fratelli Mariani, to find out what, according to him, the future scenarios of architecture and industry will be, starting from his experience. During the chat, many interesting insights emerged, especially on the organization of work within Fratelli Mariani and on the challenges that Italian companies are called to face in such a delicate and uncertain moment. Read the article to learn more about the only company producing both expanded metal and wire mesh.

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Powder coating on expanded metal: to each their own colour

Colour has become the distinctive element to personalize a product. This occurs both for consumer goods and for niche products or products for strictly technical applications, such as our expanded metal. According to your needs, we can colour and customize Fratelli Mariani expanded metal thanks to the powder coating. But what does powder coating mean?…

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Center of Biotechnology and Translational Medicine

Expanded metal and medical facility construction in Turin

Fratelli Mariani expanded metal has become an integral part of the expansion project of the Center of Biotechnology and Translational Medicine of the University of Turin in the former Scalo Vallino area. In particular, this is the second lot that will be built next to the Molecular Biotechnology Centre, 52 via Nizza, to then establish…

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Environmental sustainability in architecture

Environmental sustainability: architecture turns green with expanded metal

Expanded metal is one of the most environmentally sustainable products on the market. From industrial to architectural applications, its use is highly appreciated for its low environmental impact. This proves to be significant throughout the entire life cycle of the product, starting from its creation until its disposal. Find out more about the environmental sustainability of expanded metal.

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