EXPANDED METAL  for architecture

MARIANItech® expanded metals are innovative products with an optimal price quality ratio. They are particularly suitable for multiple machining processes, such as bending, curving, cutting and welding.

MARIANItech® expanded metals can be produced in aluminium, iron, galvanised iron, stainless steel, titanium zinc, copper, brass, corten, bronze, phosphor bronze. Modern surface treatments can be carried out on these products based on the aesthetics, design and duration over time, such as lacquer, natural and coloured anodisation as well as galvanisation.

Marianitech can provide the expanded metal panels in standard or customised formats, with different design forms. We can also support you in designing the cladding up to the supply of the material.

Expanded metal

Product options

The fixing systems provide a variety of solutions for understructures and framing, making the expanded metal ready for installation.

Select from among the different types of understructures for the mounting of expanded metal.